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District Election Maps

The City Council voted July 17, 2017, to select a map created by two residents for its upcoming transition to electing City Council members by district. The map was adopted on July 25, 2017.

Find your district on the Registrar of Voters website or look on a city map

The adopted map was created through the collaboration of two residents who used the public map-drawing tools provided by the city's professional demographers. 

City's Online map showing districts

PDFs of all the maps created by demographers

PDFs of all the maps created by members of the public

Map of Census blocks containing current Council members

Map Criteria  

Maps were created based on the following criteria:                         

  1. Each Council district shall contain a nearly equal population as required by law.
  2. Council district borders shall be drawn in a manner that complies with the Federal Voting Rights Act and avoids racial gerrymandering.
  3. Council districts shall consist of contiguous territory in as compact form as possible..
  4. Council districts shall respect "communities of interest" as much as possible (neighborhoods, school boundaries, common interests, etc.).
  5. Council district borders shall follow visible natural and man-made geographical and topographical features as much as possible.
  6. District borders shall be designed, insofar as this does not conflict with federal or state law, to respect the choices of the voters by avoiding the pairing of current Council members. 

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