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The plan’s traffic impact analysis studied 31 roadway segments and 34 intersections under three scenarios: 1) existing conditions, 2) year 2019 (opening year) and 3) year 2035 (long range). 

By 2035, the plan would not meet the city’s Growth Management Program standard for “circulation” in eight intersections. These intersections will not meet this standard regardless of whether or not the plan is implemented. This is due primarily to projected traffic growth outside of Carlsbad that would affect city streets and intersections. Under the plan, the developer would be required to pay for and make improvements to roads, intersections and traffic signals. These improvements would result in less future traffic congestion than if the plan were not implemented. Find out more details.

Traffic Analysis


Red Light Wait Times

Read the city's impartial analysis of traffic impacts, starting on page 26 of the "9212 report."

I-5 Improvements

 Caltrans is scheduled to make improvements on the section of I-5 in North County beginning in 2016. The first phase includes adding carpool lanes from Lomas Santa Fe Road to Highway 78 and increasing rail service by adding a second set of tracks. This is scheduled for completion around 2020. Then Caltrans would add “express lanes,” which will ensure a reliable and significantly less-congested travel option along I-5. Additional improvements, scheduled to start around 2032, include new and improved onramps, off ramps and lanes at Cannon Road. Measure A requires the developer to contribute funding toward these improvements, and Caltrans has indicated that it will require the developer to execute a mitigation agreement. As a result, the Cannon Road improvements could be started sooner than 2032.

For more information about the I-5 improvements, visit the project website.