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Streets Getting a Spruce Up

The City of Carlsbad will resurface portions of some major roadways and neighborhood streets during the next several weeks as part of the city’s annual program to keep the streets free of cracks and potholes. Work crews are applying a thin coat of asphalt that seals road surfaces in a process called “slurry sealing.” 

The City of Carlsbad Public Works Department evaluates the city’s streets every year using pavement management software to identify which streets need a fresh surface. Streets are selected based on their age and pavement condition. 

Areas of concentration for this year’s slurry seal project include:

  • Cannon Road between El Camino Real and College Boulevard.
  • Armada Drive and part of Legoland Drive.
  • Loker Avenue East and West.
  • Streets in the neighborhood west of El Camino Real, north of Park Drive and west of Kelly Drive.
  • Streets in the neighborhood south of Alga Road and west of El Fuerte Street, centered by Corintia Street.
  • Streets south of Camino de los Coches near Calle Acervo, in the southernmost part of the city. 

See a map of the affected streets

“The city evaluates street conditions and determines which ones need resurfacing,” said City of Carlsbad Municipal Projects Manager Scott Fisher, who is overseeing the project. “Maintaining streets in good condition is good for our residents and helps prevent bigger, costlier problems later.” 

Watch a video of the City of Carlsbad pavement management program. 

Slurry sealing entails removing traffic striping and filling cracks in the pavement surface, then applying a layer of asphalt emulsion, small rocks and sand. This slurry seal layer protects the pavement from weathering and cracking for as long 20 years. 

Streets that need more than a coat of slurry seal are scheduled for “pavement overlay.” This involves patching the surface to remove cracks and other defects, then applying a layer of rubberized asphalt concrete to the surface. The city will begin its pavement overlay project later this year. 

The 2016 slurry seal proect includes 200 street segments throughout the city. By the time they’re finished, in mid April, crews will have applied enough slurry seal to cover 22 miles of average roadways. 

Businesses and residents near the affected streets will be informed before work begins, and the city will put up signs and take other steps to control traffic where the work is being done. The city will work to minimize any inconvenience to businesses and residents while the work is progressing. 

The $1.5 million contract for the slurry seal project was awarded to American Asphalt South; City of Carlsbad construction managers will supervise the work. 

Pavement management is funded through the city’s Capital Improvement Program budget, and the money comes from state gas tax revenue, local TransNet tax funds and fees paid by local trash haulers. 

For more information
Construction Management and Inspection, 760-602-2780 


February 4, 2016