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Lagoon Plan Rescinded

On Tuesday, the Carlsbad City Council certified the results of the Feb. 23 special election on Measure A and recinded the ordinance approving the Agua Hedionda South Shore Specific Plan. 

On Friday, March 11, the County of San Diego Registrar of Voters certified the vote with a final count of: 

NO    20,542  (52.08%)

YES   18,903 (47.92%)

See the certification letter and get detailed information on the vote.

What's Next?

  • The City of Carlsbad will stop all processing of the plan, including the pending application with the California Coastal Commission.
  • The land use designations will remain as they are today, with visitor-serving commercial development allowed on 48 acres and the other 155 designated for open space. 
  • At any time, Caruso Affiliated could submit the Agua Hedionda South Shore Specific Plan, or another plan, to the city via the traditional development process, which includes California Environmental Quality Act analysis and review by the California Coastal Commission. 
  • The City Council may not approve an ordinance for the Agua Hedionda South Shore Specific Plan for 12 months following its certification of the election results. 
  • If Caruso Affiliated terminates its contract with SDG&E to purchase the land, another party could purchase any or all of the property, at the discretion of SDG&E, the current landowner.

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March 23, 2016