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City Grants Aid the Community

This week, the City Council approved grants to organizations that benefit lower-income residents in the community.

The grants, known as Community Development Block Grants, are part of a federal program that distributes money to eligible cities and counties so they can improve life for lower income families. The grant amounts are determined by a formula and vary from year to year.

The City of Carlsbad applies the grants to programs that help address such needs as affordable housing — including shelter for the homeless — food, clothing, after-school care and health care. The money can also be applied to projects that help improve the lives of residents in lower-income neighborhoods.

Social service organizations apply for the grants, and a seven member advisory committee creates funding recommendations for City Council consideration. Staff then recommends a list of recipients to the City Council, which makes a final decision.

The City Council awarded grant funds to the following organizations:

  • The Angel’s Depot Seniors Meal Program — $10,000
  • Brother Benno’s Center — $15,000
  • Catholic Charities, La Posada de Guadalupe Homeless Shelter operations — $20,000
  • Community Resource Center Homeless Prevention and Intervention — $10,000
  • Meals on Wheels Meal Delivery Service — $10,000
  • Women’s Resource Center, Alternatives to Abuse Shelter — $12,689

In addition, the city will utilize $168,363 for future affordable housing in Carlsbad, $168,327 for improving ADA access for the disabled and $103,586 for administering fair housing programs.

Every project proposed for the CDBG program must meet at least one of three national objectives, which are:

  • Providing direct benefits to lower income persons.
  • Aiding in the prevention or elimination of “slums or blight.”
  • Meeting other community development needs where existing conditions pose a serious and immediate threat to the health or welfare of the community, but where no other financial resources are available to meet such needs.

For more information
Courtney Pene, 760-434-2812, courtney.pene@carlsbadca.gov

City media contact
Jessica Padilla Bowen, 760-434-2845, jessica.padillabowen@carlsbadca.gov



May 6, 2016