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Police and Fire Units Respond to the Report of a Suspicious Bag in Vons

On October 20, at 9:54 a.m., the City of Carlsbad Police and Fire Departments responded to the report of a suspicious bag found at a Wells Fargo Bank inside the Vons grocery store located at 6951 El Camino Real.

The reporting party described the bag as a black plastic, containing something that “sounded like metal and glass,” and that it was difficult to lift. The bag had been placed on a chair in front of the bank inside the store and appeared out of place and unusual. 

As is the procedure with suspicious packages and to ensure safety, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad was called to the scene for an evaluation.

The team evaluated the bag and determined it contained two pair of men’s shoes. 

Bomb personnel declared the scene clear at approximately 12:25 p.m.

For more information
Shaun Lawton, Police Corporal, 760-931-2197 or  Shaun.lawton@carlsbadca.gov

Police media contact
Jodee Sasway, Public Information Officer, 760-931-2105 or Jodee.Sasway@carlsbadca.gov

October 21, 2016