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How Secure is Your Garage?

A thief might be wondering what valuable property is stored behind your garage door.

Garages might seem secure if they have a lock or an automated opening system, but garages, especially detached garages can be vulnerable. Follow a few safety precautions and don’t give a thief the opportunity.

  • Once you are inside the house or away from the garage, a garage is unmonitored and becomes vulnerable to a crafty thief.

  • A detached garage or shared garaged is even more so as the farther you get from your property or the more users that use the property, the more vulnerable it can be to theft. Locks can be cut and automated opening systems can be defeated.

  • Also, a garage is a great place to store tools, sporting equipment, cars and property that is tempting to a thief and valuable to you. Never store weapons in the garage. Storage tips https://goo.gl/fm7Aw5.

  • Always close your garage door. Even when working in the backyard. If you see your neighbor’s garage door open, let them know.

  • Always close and lock the pedestrian door into the garage and into your house. Use a solid door, deadbolt style lock and reinforced strike plate.

  • Before you go to bed at night, check your garage doors to make sure they are closed and secure.

  • When parking your car in the garage, always lock your car. Remove all personal property like purses, keys and electronics and take it with you. Unmonitored and sometimes unlocked garages are easy to enter and are a temptation to a thief.

  • Store more valuable items like bicycles and sporting equipment toward the back of an attached garage. If the garage is detached or shared, consider other options for valuables.

  • If your garage or if the storage unit in your garage is secured with a padlock, choose a tamper resistant padlock with a padlock cover.

  • Don’t forget storage unit door hinges. If the hinges are on the outside, use tamper resistant hinge pins.

  • Consider the material used to create the storage unit. Is the door plywood? Is there a space at the top a thief can climb over?

  • If locking property like bicycles inside a detached or shared garage, use two locking points and two different types of tamper resistant locks.

  • If you cannot adequately secure the garage and property, don’t leave property behind.

  • Although camera systems do not take the place of the garage’s physical security, cameras can help monitor activity in and around a garage. Motion activated systems can alert a homeowner to activity around a garage.

Storing property in a garage is a good opportunity and seems like it would be out of sight and out of mind. But a thief knows most residents store valuables inside the garage and if given the opportunity, they might want to see what is hidden behind your garage door. Take a few precautions and don’t give a thief the opportunity.

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July 13, 2017