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News Updates

Budget Meetings Next Week

The City of Carlsbad will hold several public meetings in May and June to present and finalize the proposed spending plan for the fiscal year starting July 1. Watch a video about the city budget. Learn about the city budget process

The city’s budget planning process follows a fiscal year that runs July 1 through June 30. Each year city staff recommend spending plans based on available funding and city priorities.  The preliminary budget is presented in two parts: the “Capital Improvement Program” budget, covering major projects, and the operating budget, which covers day to day city services.

The Capital Improvements Plan was presented to City Council at the May 8 City Council meeting. City staff presented the latest list of major projects planned over the next 20+ years to the City Council and the projects that staff is recommending be funded in the coming year's budget. 

May 22, 6 p.m.
Operating budget presented to City Council
City Council Chamber
1200 Carlsbad Village Drive
At this meeting, city staff will present its proposed spending plan the day to day city services and any special initiatives that may be planned. This meeting will also include an update from finance staff on the economy an overall financial status of the city.

May 29, 6 p.m.
Public budget workshop
1635 Faraday Ave.
This meeting is an opportunity for the public to learn more about what is being proposed in the coming year's budget, ask questions and provide input, which is then shared with the City Council. 

June 12, 6 p.m.
Final adoption of the fiscal year 2018-19 budget
City Council Chamber
1200 Carlsbad Village Drive
At this meeting, the City Council will approve the final budget for the new fiscal year starting July 1.

The budget planning process typically begins with an annual City Council goal setting workshop at the beginning of the calendar year. In setting goals, the City Council focuses on achieving the Carlsbad Community Vision, a set of nine core values developed through a two year public involvement process. Input from the city’s annual resident satisfaction survey and the city’s financial forecast also play a role in setting budget priorities.    

The city has a AAA credit rating from Standard & Poor’s, the highest rating possible. 

For more information 
Helga Stover, 760-602-2429, helga.stover@carlsbadca.gov

City media contact
Kristina Ray, 760-434-2957, kristina.ray@carlsbadca.gov

May 17, 2018