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Forms & Handouts

NOTE: Effective October 17, 2016, plan submittals and resubmittals will be handled by appointment only. To make an appointment, contact our appointment specialist at 760-602-2723 or devappt@carlsbadca.gov. You will get confirmation of your appointment date and time within two business days.
Adjustment Plat Submittal Checklist (E-1)
Assessment Apportionment Application and Instructions (E-20)
Blasting Permit Application (E-22)
Certificate of Compliance Submittal Checklist (E-2)
Certificate of Correction Submittal Checklist (E-3)
Construction and Close-out Flowchart
Construction Change Submittal Checklist (E-4)
Determination of Project's SWPPP Tier Level and Construction Threat Level (E-32)
Easement Submittal Checklist (E-5)
Encroachment Agreement Submittal Checklist (E-6)
Engineering Plancheck Application (E-23)
Final Map/Parcel Map Submittal Checklist (E-7)
Grading Permit Application (E-24)
Grading Plan Submittal Checklist (E-8)
Haul Route Permit Application (E-25)
Improvement Plan Submittal Checklist (E-9)
Oversize Load Permits Submittal Requirements and Application (E-26)
Pole License Application (E-19)
Quitclaim Submittal Checklist (E-10)
Right of Way Permit Application and Checklist (E-11)
Right of Way Use
Right of Way Use Application (E-12)
Securities and Agreements Submittal Checklist (E-17)
Security and Agreement Data Sheet (E-18)
Security and Agreement Data Sheet for Minor Grading (E-18A)
Standard Project Requirement Checklist (E-36)
Storm Water Quality Management Plan (SWQMP) Template (E-35)
Storm Water Standards Questionnaire (E-34)
Storm Water Tier 1 Construction SWPPP Template (E-29)
Storm Water Tier 2 Construction SWPPP Template
Substantial Conformance Exhibit Submittal Checklist (E-14)
Utility Shutdown/Connectivity Request (E-28)
Vacation Submittal Checklist (E-13)
Water Meter Permit Application (E-27)