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Construction Hours

8.48.010 - Limitation of hours for construction.         

It shall be unlawful to operate equipment or perform any construction in the erection, demolition, alteration, or repair of any building or structure or the grading or excavation of land during the following hours, except as hereinafter provided:
(1)   After six p.m. on any day, and before seven a.m., Monday through Friday, and before eight a.m. on Saturday;
(2)   All day on Sunday, and
(3)   On any federal holiday.

 8.48.020 - Exceptions.

(1)  An owner/occupant or resident/tenant of residential property may engage in a
home improvement or home construction project between the hours of eight a.m. and
six p.m. on Sundays and holidays, subject to modification by (2) below, provided
such project is for the benefit of said residential property and is personally carried out
by said owner/occupant or resident/tenant.
(2)  The building official, city engineer, or other official designated by the city
manager may modify the hours of construction specified in Section 8.48.010. In
making a determination to lengthen or shorten the hours of construction, the city
official shall consider the following:
a. Whether the project is an emergency repair required to protect the
health and safety of any member of the community;
b. Whether the construction would be less objectionable at night than
during daylight hours;
c. The character and nature of the neighborhood in the vicinity of the
work site;
d. The potential for great economic hardship;
e. If the work is in the interest of the general public;
f. Whether there is a previously unforeseen effect on the health, safety
or welfare of the public; and
g. Any history of complaints regarding compliance with the limitation on
hours of construction.

 8.48.030 - Signage.

Signs shall be posted at jobsite entrance(s) indicating hours of work as prescribed by
this Title or as modified by the designated city official. Letters shall be a minimum of
4" high with a minimum stroke width of 1/2 inch.

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