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Map of Historic Sites in Carlsbad Village and Barrio Areas

The map below shows the Carlsbad Village and historic Barrio areas, located west of Interstate-5 (exit Carlsbad Village Drive), bounded by Laguna Drive to the north and Chestnut Avenue to the south. Please note that many of these properties are privately owned, so please respect the owner's privacy. Click on a numbered area in the table or map below to learn more about a historic site.

Area Historic site
Carlsbad Village

1. Red Apple Inn / Army Navy Academy  
2. Magee House
3. St. Patrick's Church / Heritage Hall
4. St. Michael's Episcopal Church
5. Frazier's Well / Alt Karlsbad
6. Carlsbad Mineral Springs Hotel / Carlsbad-by-the Sea
7. Twin Inns / Ocean House
8. Cohn House / Norte 

9. Gage House / Monterey Condo
10. Santa Fe Depot
11. Killian Building
12. South Coast Land Company / Garcia's Barbershop
13. Los Diego Hotel / Caldo Pomodoro Restaurant
14. Carlsbad Theatre  

Historic Barrio 15. Barrio Museum
16. Ramirez House
17. Mission Santiago
18. Gaus House 

1. Red Apple Inn / Army Navy Academy2. Magee House3. St. Patrick's Church / Heritage Hall4. St. Michael's Episcopal Church5. Frazier's Well / Alt Karlsbad6. Carlsbad Mineral Springs Hotel / Carlsbad-by-the Sea7. Twin Inns / Ocean House8. Cohn House / Norte9. Gage House / Monterey Condo10. Santa Fe Depot11. Killian Building12. South Coast Land Company / Garcia's Barbershop13. Los Diego Hotel / Caldo Pomodoro Restaurant14. Carlsbad Theatre15. Barrio Museum16. Ramirez House17. Mission Santiago18. Gaus House