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Frazier's Well / Alt Karlsbad
Frazier's Well







Alt Karlsbad

2802 Carlsbad Blvd.

The original well was dug and housed by John Frazier in 1883; the current housing and Alt Karlsbad structure were built in 1964 by Kay and Chris Christiansen.

John Frazier tapped a mineral spring on his homestead in 1883. Within a short period of time, water became the base of the Carlsbad economy due to the spread of word about the mineral water and the frequent train stops carrying travelers who came to drink of the water. Two different types of water were tapped: one artesian and the other a mineral water allegedly identical in taste and chemical content to water lauded for its healing powers found at a famous spa in Karlsbad, Bohemia – hence the name of the town. By 1890 there was a 50 foot tower pulling water from a 510 foot well. The original well was declared a state historical site in 1955. Owners Kay and Chris Christiansen built Alt Karlsbad in 1964, recreating a 12th century structure as a backdrop for their replica of the European namesake. Alt Karlsbad today houses a spa and has reopened a bottling plant with the same mineral water.