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Supervisor of the Year

Sergeant Steve Thomas

Sergeant Thomas is consistently supportive of his staff, encouraging us to work independently, in order to create a model of success among law enforcement agencies.  He truly believes in our abilities to rise to our full potential, regardless of any situation.  He is never arrogant, self-serving or intimidating.  His management, supervision and decision-making skills are always fair and appropriate.  His leadership inspires confidence among those of us who work with him.

Sergeant Thomas brings a wealth of experience as a former FTO, K9 handler, EVOC Instructor and SWAT Operator to his position and willingly shares it with his fellow employees.  Sergeant Thomas takes a genuine interest in his employees’ development, by encouraging and supporting their training and educational endeavors.  

As head of the Family Services Division, Sergeant Thomas supervises several unique areas including Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, School Resource Officers, the Juvenile Justice Program, Parent Project and the GUIDE Program.  

In particular, Sergeant Thomas has been a supportive advocate of our Juvenile Justice Program. He has gone beyond the duties of his office by participating as a panel member on numerous occasions.  His keen insight as a parent and his invaluable experience as a police officer have enhanced the success our program.

Since his assignment to the Family Services Division, Sergeant Thomas has supervised the investigations of several high profile cases, each with the potential to bring negative attention to our community. Through it all, he has maintained the highest degree of PROFESSIONALISM, ETHICS & SENSITIVITY, while consistently supporting his staff, and respectfully representing the Carlsbad Police Department.  

He has also worked diligently to maintain a positive and productive relationship with the Patrol Division.  Sergeant Thomas regularly attends day watch and night watch briefings and routinely works overtime shifts in patrol.  As a result, Sergeant Thomas is up to date on trends and incidents in patrol and freely shares information between the two divisions. 

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