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Wanted Homicide Suspect Catarino Nicolas-Cruz

 Carlsbad Police Case:  00-0853

Wanted homicide suspect Catarino Nicholas-Cruz

 Date of Incident:   February 7, 2000
 Victim:   Felipe Nicolas
 Suspect:  Catarino Nicolas-Cruz
 DOB:  04/16/69

On the morning of Feb. 2, 2000, Carlsbad police dispatch was contacted regarding a farm worker who failed to report for work. After reporting the employee missing, a supervisor went to the missing man’s encampment to check his welfare. When the supervisor arrived, he found evidence of possible foul play, and City of Carlsbad Police Department conducted an investigation and search for the missing man.

On Feb. 8, 2000, information developed that led to the discovery of the missing worker's body. Investigators believe that Catarino Nicolas-Cruz, cousin to the victim, is the primary suspect in this homicide. The victim's neck had been severed to the spinal cord.

Catarino is known to have land in San Quintin, Mexico, and known to frequent produce fields in north San Diego County. Catarino Nicolas-Cruz is wanted for this homicide.

Catarino Nicolas-Cruz is known to carry knives, and should be considerd armed and dangerous.  There is a warrant for Nicolas-Cruz, warrant (#CN111697).

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