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The William D. Cannon Art Gallery's Three-Part-Art program is an educational outreach program designed to introduce Carlsbad third- and fourth-graders to the experience of interacting with and learning from original works of art in a museum setting. The children begin to learn some of the basics of the art vocabulary, and most important, that museums can be welcoming and exciting places.

Here's how the multipronged program works:

Part One

At the beginning of the school year, the gallery’s education coordinator sends letters to teachers, informing them of upcoming exhibitions that might be particularly resonant and engaging for elementary-age students.

Teachers then reserve spots and are sent resource packets with more details about the exhibit and ideas for hands-on, classroom activities that will help prepare students for their visit. In 2014, the National Core Arts Standards focus on these four content areas: 1. creating; presenting, 2. performing and producing; 3. responding; and 4. connecting. In our resource guides, we infuse these core arts standards into pre- and post-visit activities in an engaging and developmentally-appropriate manner. Each guide offers classroom teachers an overview of the gallery exhibit, artists and works of art on display, teaching art skills and techniques, art history and concepts, while also aligning to the Common Core State Standards.

Part Two

On the appointed day, teachers, students and accompanying parents tour the gallery exhibition under the direction of an arts educator, who discusses the themes and ideas behind the artwork and leads the group in an interactive gallery activity.

Part Three

From there, the group moves to the adjoining community room to create their own art related to the exhibition. This gives the students the opportunity to experience various art-making materials and techniques, and reinforces the lessons learned on the gallery tour.

For more information, please contact the Arts Education office at 760-602-2084.