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Emergency Planning

Planning for emergencies is critical to safety. Effective planning can reduce the disruption, trauma and costs of disasters -- saving lives, property and the environment. Learn about the importance of planning.

The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services is responsible for maintaining the county emergency plan, which facilitates regional mutual aid.  The City of Carlsbad's Emergency Management Administrative Team (CEMAT) maintains the Carlsbad Emergency Operations Plan.  These plans are consistent and interoperable to maximize regional mutual aid support. The San Diego County Emergency Site provides information from the national weather service, current fire information from CalFire, SDG&E outages, as well as other emergency information.

Basic Elements

  • Conduct a hazard vulnerability analysis to identify potential hazards to life and property
  • Identify resources and strategies to minimize or eliminate hazards
  • Register cell phones with AlertSanDiego, the county-wide emergency notification system.
  • Develop a plan to obtain resources and enact strategies
  • Clearly identify immediate response actions when disaster threatens or strikes
  • Update the plan as necessary to accommodate changing conditions
  • Become familiar with utility shut-off points and additional potential hazards
  • Develop and practice evacuation routes, communication plans and meeting points
  • Personal preparedness recommendations for those with special needs can be found at the ready.gov website

Key Elements of Residential Preparedness

  • Prepare an emergency pack-up kit
  • Store enough food, water and medicines to last for 72 hours
  • Develop and practice a family emergency plan
  • Understand parent-child pickup plans and policies of schools
  • Safe storage of insurance and other vital records
  • Emergency care and support for pets

Key Elements of Business Preparedness

Businesses with effective emergency response plans are better able to mitigate the impact of a disaster and continue business operations.

  • Prepare or obtain office first aid and emergency kits
  • Arrange for sufficient food, water and sanitation
  • Safe storage of business, insurance and other vital records
  • Make an emergency response plan
  • Make a continuity of operations plan
  • Continuity of business and disaster preparedness plan template
  • Contact the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, who has a strategic priority to provide business disaster planning and preparedness 760-931-8400
  • Contact the Ready Carlsbad Business Alliance, an organization that promotes business emergency preparedness, continuity of operations and community recovery through services, education programs and cooperative partnerships. 
  • Contact the Ready San Diego Business Alliance is a partnership between area businesses and the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services.

Key Elements of School Preparedness

Guidance for emergency planning in schools is provided by the U.S. Department of Education, the California Department of Education, the San Diego County Office of Education, and the Carlsbad Unified School District.  The information here is intended to supplement, but not replace, the information provided by the Department of Education. The State of California requires all California schools to develop and implement comprehensive safe school plans and the formulation and submission of civil defense and emergency plans.  The California Department of Education has developed Safe Schools: A Planning Guide for Action that addresses these requirements.

  • Prepare a crisis response box
  • Train in National Incident Management and Incident Command procedures
  • Arrange for food, water and sanitation
  • Develop staff and student family communication plans
  • Understand school parent-child pickup plans and policies
  • Safe storage of academic records, insurance and other vital documents
  • Accommodate special needs