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Rental Owner Information

The Section 8 Rental Assistance Program is a federally-funded program administered by the Carlsbad Housing Agency. Advantages to an owner or property manager are:

  • The contract begins the day the unit passes an inspection;   
  • The owner/manager receives the rent each month;   
  • There is an annual inspection of the unit.

Steps to begin

  • List the property with the rental assistance program by calling 760-434-2810 or completing a Notice of Vacancy Form;   
  • The Housing Agency screens participants for lifetime sex offender registration (Megan's Law) and drug-related or violent criminal activity. Final selection is the owner's responsibility;   
  • Landlords can charge an application fee as long as Section 8 participants are charged the same fee as non-Section 8 prospective tenants;   
  • Once the owner/agent has agreed to rent a unit to a Section 8 participant, they will receive a Request for Tenancy Approval and the tenant returns the completed RFTA to the Housing Agency for processing;   
  • Upon receipt of the RFTA, a Housing Quality Standards inspection is scheduled and conducted. The rent charged must be comparable to other unassisted rentals in that area.
  • Payment Standards.
  • Enter into a lease/rental agreement with the tenant and enter into the Housing Assistance Payments Contract with the Housing Agency.  The lease/rental agreement and HAP contract are effective the day the unit passes inspection and the tenant takes possession of the unit.
  •  The City of Carlsbad does participate in the Direct Deposit program.  You can complete the application and email, fax or mail to the Finance Department.

If fraud is suspected:

  • Make a confidential report via fax, mail or by calling the Carlsbad Housing Agency’s ;   
  • Complete the Suspected Fraud Report, call 760-434-2810;   
  • Reports can be filed anonymously;   
  • All reports are taken seriously and will be investigated in a timely manner.

Rental owner responsibilities

  • Maintain the property in good condition and complete repairs within a reasonable amount of time upon request by the Carlsbad Housing Agency or the tenant;   
  • Refrain from entering the unit without proper notice and the tenant’s permission except in an emergency;   
  • Comply with Equal Opportunity and Fair Housing Requirements;   
  • Enforce the provisions of the rental agreement;   
  • Comply with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and HAP contract;   
  • Collect from the tenant any security deposit required under the rental agreement, the tenant’s portion of rent and charges for any damages caused by the tenant;   
  • Pay for utilities and services as obligated;   
  • DO NOT collect payments in excess of the tenant’s share of the rent; and
  • Make reasonable modifications for persons with disabilities.