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Transferring (Portability)

Transferring (porting-out) a Section 8 voucher to another jurisdiction

  • A written 30-day notice must be given to the owner/agent of the tenant's current rental unit and a copy given to the Housing Agency;
  • Those in a lease must obtain the owner’s written permission to break the lease. Both the tenant and owner must sign a Mutual Rescission of Lease Agreement and submit the form to the tenant's Housing Specialist;
  • Complete the Request to Utilize Portability form identifying the new Housing Agency’s information and a contact person. The Housing Agency’s information can be found at HUD's website. This form must be submitted to the tenant's Housing Specialist;
  • Any money that is owed to this or any housing agency must be resolved before the tenant moves;
  • Tenants must contact their Housing Specialist to confirm that all required documentation is completed.    

NOTE: Each housing agency sets its own payment and occupancy standards. Be aware that tenants may not be funded with the same bedroom size at the new agency. Be sure to check with the new housing agency before securing a rental unit.

Transferring (Porting-in) from other areas

Due to Federal funding constraints, we are not absorbing port-in clients at this time.