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2015 Carlsbad - Love It!

On March 21, 2015, the city hosted its second annual Carlsbad Love It! neighborhoods empowerment conference.  The theme of the conference was "Working Together to Build & Sustain Healthy Neighborhoods."  Over 200 community leaders came together to share their collective ideas and energy around community engagement, sharing our gifts, strengthening and sustaining our neighborhoods, living healthy in Carlsbad, investing in our youth, learning ways to conserve our water resources and how to put our passions to work in our neighborhoods.

The conference offered dynamic speakers, engaging workshops and an exhibitor area rich with knowledge and community resources.

Visit the Facebook page to see some of the pictures from the conference.

Keynote Speaker:  Neville Billimoria
Emcee:  Phil Urbina
Group Facilitator:  Jim Elliott

Workshop Sessions

  • Carlsbad Desalination Project
    Wendy Chambers, Carlsbad Municipal District & Peter MacLaggan, Poseidon Water
    Carlsbad's future quality of life depends on having a reliable and affordable supply of water.  The session presented information on Carlsbad's water resources, as well as information about the Carlsbad Desalination project.
  • Living Healthy in Carlsbad
    Pam Drew, City of Carlsbad & Christine Bevilacqua, Carlsbad Community Gardens Collaborative
    Living in Carlsbad provides residents multiple options to help stay active and healthy.  This session provided information about Walk + Bike Carlsbad and the benefits of walking and biking in your neighborhood and community.  The collaborative shared information on the benefits of a garden, how to get started, gardening in a small space and helpful smartphone applications.
  • Water Wise Ideas: Learning to Conserve Resources
    Trish Pogue, Solana Center for Environmental Innovation & Diane Downey, Green Gardens Group, San Diego
    The drought is a fact of life; learning to plan can ease the impact.  Attendees learned ways to conserve water, how to plan and maintain a drought tolerant landscape and gained information on composting.
  • David Harrison, City of Carlsbad Fire Department and
    Division Chief Mike Lopez, City of Carlsbad Fire Department
    An emergency can strike at any time and can have a big impact on our community, as seen by the Poinsettia fire.  Participants learned how to be prepared for an emergency in their home or community and what to do after a disaster has happened.
  • What Gifts Do You Have to Share?
     Ray Patchett & Val Brown
    Making a positive impact in your neighborhood can be easy, and even fun, when you expand your ideas about how you can help.  This session presented helpful information on how to use the skills you already have and share them with others so you can positively impact your community.
  • How to Strengthen & Sustain Your Neighborhood
    Chief Gary Morrison, Carlsbad Police Department & Lt. Pete Pascual, Carlsbad Police Department
    Great neighborhoods do not happen by accident.  They start with safe neighborhoods and neighbors that are engaged with each other.  This session presented information on how to strengthen and collaborate toward a crime-free neighborhood and the importance of working together to strengthen and sustain a stronger sense of community.
  • Passion to Action: Take Your Ideas & Put Them to Work in Your Neighborhood & Community
     Sue Irey, City of Carlsbad & Sue Prelozni, Sustainable Surplus Exchange
    Workshop participants learned how to take their passion and move it to action to have a positive impact in our community.
  • Our Youth Are Our Future
     Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad & La Costa Canyon High School
    We are a community that believes in our youth and investing in opportunities for their success.  In this workshop, participants learned about programs focused on youth success and how youth are having a positive impact in our community.