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Tamarack Design

The City of Carlsbad is working on a project to widen sidewalks, add free on-street parking and improve safety and access for all users in the area around Carlsbad Boulevard and Tamarack Avenue. See updated design.

What's the Recommendation?

  • A three lane road with a traffic signal: More space for sidewalks and bike lanes 

Proposed Improvements

  • Widening sidewalks and improving bike lanes throughout the area.
  • Adding new parking spaces on Tamarack Avenue and Carlsbad Boulevard.
  • Getting rid of the asphalt island on the west side of Carlsbad Boulevard and south of Tamarack Avenue.
  • Relocating the bus stops to more accessible locations.
  • Creating more functional space on the ocean side of Carlsbad Boulevard, just to the south of Tamarack, including an overlook with space to sit and enjoy.
  • A new crosswalk across Carlsbad Boulevard south of Sequoia Avenue to the lagoon trailhead.
  • Signs directing people to the Coastal Rail Trail along the railroad tracks between Tamarack and Oak Avenue. 

See more detail.

See more detail: Section A-ASection B-B, Section C-C


For more information contact Lolly Sangster, 760-602-2772 or lolly.sangster@carlsbadca.gov.

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