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Habitat Management Plan

Carlsbad was the first city (and is still the only city) in North County to establish a Habitat Management Plan, or HMP, under the Endangered Species Act. An HMP is a scientific, comprehensive approach to preserving natural land for plant and animal species. It defines nature preserves that link with regional and statewide preserves to create a natural network where species can thrive. The Habitat Management Plan also assures that money is set aside to maintain these natural networks. We have added nearly 1,000 acres of this habitat in the past 10 years.


A habitat management plan is both a scientific blueprint for species preservation and a guide for what land can be developed. Setting aside land to assure the preservation of rare plants, birds and other animals enriches the quality of life for residents.

Bee Conservation

Bees are attracted to many things, such as water, sugary foods and colored patterns, and they can find all of these at Alga Norte Aquatic Center. Recognizing the importance of bee conservation to our local agriculture industry as well as the threat a bee sting may pose to pool users, the city recently began implementing a program to keep the bees buzzing and the swimmers sting free.

  • Monthly service program with We Save Bees, a live bee removal company, to make sure we are providing a healthy environment for the bees and people.
  • Replacing open trash cans with 40 dome top push door lid cans.
  • Enclosing serving counters in food and beverage service areas to protect the soda fountain and shaved ice machines.
  • Developing educational materials to educate residents on the importance of a healthy bee habitat and how they can avoid bee stings.