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Trail Development Background


The City Council appointed an open space ad hoc committee to advise the city on the development of an open space and trails system. Recommendations from the committee were used to conduct a trails feasibility study, which laid the groundwork for planning trails within the city.


The Open Space and Conservation Resource Management Plan expanded upon the study and provided the framework for the city’s trail development and maintenance.


The City Council approved the Citywide Trails Program Report which outlined the future vision and immediate steps to be taken to implement what was commonly referred to as the Citywide Trails Plan.


The Citywide Trail 5 Year Implementation Plan was developed and identified which city trail segments would become part of the city’s system (previously privately maintained and used) and built over the next five years, as part of private development and by the city. The Citywide Trail Maintenance Plan was also developed at this time.

Nov 2013 – Feb 2014

City staff solicited feedback from the public on trail locations, areas where improvements are needed, gaps, and how to improve the safety, condition of existing trails and user experience.


City Council adopted an updated General Plan, which includes a section called the Open Space, Conservation and Recreation Element. This section identified a need to develop a comprehensive Trail Master Plan focused on diversified user groups and connectivity.


The environmental report for the draft Trails Master Plan was released for a public review.  Twenty-five comment letters were received during the 30-day public review period.  The letters were either comments about the revised draft TMP and/or the associated environmental document. Staff engaged with several trails stakeholders groups to discuss alignments of the selected proposed segments.


Staff responded to the comments received during the 30-day public review, revised the draft TMP and finalized the environmental report.

This update for trails planning in the city will build on the previous efforts and provide a comprehensive planning document to reference for developing and maintaining the city’s trail system into the future.

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