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Agendas, Minutes & Notices

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission works in conjunction with the Planning Division and is responsible for evaluating and making determinations on a variety of land use matters for both long range and short-range planning, conducting public hearings on significant planning, zoning and land subdivision matters, such as specific plans, subdivision maps, conditional use permits and rezones.

The Planning Commission is comprised of seven residents appointed by the City Council and meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located at 1200 Carlsbad Village Drive.

Agendas are posted 72 hours in advance of the Planning Commission meeting and minutes are available after approval. In addition, the city offers residents and visitors the opportunity to view Planning Commission meetings via the Internet.

Administrative Permit Notices

CDP 16-46 - Kobayashi Second Dwelling Unit
PUD 14-04(A)/MS 16-02 - Sprague Lot Split - Administrative Hearing

Environmental Notices & Documents

1A: EIR 15-03/GPA 14-06/ZC 14-04/LCPA 14-06/CT 14-10/PUD 14-12/SDP 14-15/CDP 14-34/HDP 14-07/HMP 14-04 - Poinsettia 61
A: Section 1 - Intro
B: Section 2 - Executive Summary
C: Section 3 - Project Description
D: Section 4 - Environmental Setting
E: Section 5 - Aesthetics/Grading
F: Section 6 - Agriculture and Forestry Resources
G: Section 7 - Air Quality
H: Section 8 - Biological Resources
I: Section 9 - Cultural Resources
J: Section 10 - Geology/Soils
K: Section 11 - Greenhouse Gas Emissions/Climate Change
L: Section 12 - Hazards and Hazardous Materials
M: Section 13 - Hydrology and Water Quality
N: Section 14 - Land Use Planning
O: Section 15 - Noise
P: Section 16 - Population/Housing
Q: Section 17 - Public Services
R: Section 18 - Transportation/Circulation
S: Section 19 - Utilities and Service Systems
T: Section 20 - Alternatives
U: Section 21 - Analysis of Long-Term Effects
V: Section 22 - References

Uptown Bressi

EIR 15-01/GPA 14-04/MP 178(I)/LFMP 87-17(A)/CT 14-09/PUD 14-10/SDP 14-13/SDP 16-06/CUP 14-09/CUP 16 - Uptown Bressi - Final EIR

Planning Commission Public Hearing Notices

CDP 15-47 - Highland James Lot 1
CDP 15-48 - Highland James Lot 2
CDP 15-49 - Highland James Lot 3
EIR 15-01/GPA 14-04/MP 178(I)/LFMP 87-17(A)/CT 14-09/PUD 14-10/SDP 14-13/SDP 16-06/CUP 14-09/CUP 16-01 - Uptown Bressi
MP 178(J)/CUP 06-11(C) - Pacific Ridge School

Special Notices

Adapting to a Rising Sea Level
Agricultural Conversion Mitigation Fee Ad Hoc Citizens Advisory Committee Public Meeting Agenda & Agenda Packet
Draft 2017 Housing Element Update
LCPA 15-05 - Ocean View Point
LCPA 16-03 - Prop D Cannon Road Agricultural/Open Space Zone