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Below are links for the Planning Department's Land Use Review Application, submittal requirements and other miscellaneous permit applications.

At the time of submittal, the applicant is required to provide all applicable information requested along with associated filing fees found in the Development Fee Schedule. Incomplete submittals will not be accepted. Any proposed projects requiring multiple applications must be submitted prior to 3:30 p.m. A proposed project requiring only one application must be submitted prior to 4 p.m. An Early Public Notice package is required at time of submittal for all discretionary permits.

The Environmental Information Form will be used to assist staff in determining what type of environmental documentation will be required to be prepared for your application, per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Title 19 of Carlsbad's Municipal Code. The clarity and accuracy of the information you provide is critical for purposes of quickly determining the specific environmental effects of your project.


Appeal Form
Climate Action Plan Consistency Checklist
Coastal Development Permit Supplemental Requirements
Consistency Determination Submittal Procedures & Application
Day Care Center Minor Conditional Use Permit
Day Care Permit (Large Family)
Development Permits
Disclosure Statement
Early Public Notice
EIA Information Form
Food Cart & Kiosks Information Sheet
Guidance to Demonstrating Consistency with the Climate Action Plan
Habitat Management Plan Permit - Major
Habitat Management Plan Permit - Minor
Hazardous Waste & Substances Statement
Hillside Development Permits
Housing Tracking Form
Land Use Review Application
Legislative Permits
Minor Coastal Development Permit/Single Family Residence Application
Modified Sign Program
Nonconforming Construction Permit
Preliminary Review Submittal Procedures & Checklist
Project Description
Reasonable Accommodation
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Minor Variance
Review for Sign Permit
Review for Temporary Non-Commercial Sign Permit
Satellite Antenna Permit
Temporary Non-Commercial Signs During Campaign Periods Posting Rules
Temporary Sales Location
Tentative Parcel Map Tenant Notification Statement
Tentative Parcel Map Waiver of Processing Time Limits
Village Review Area Administrative Permit
Village Review Area Outdoor Displays
Village Review Area Sidewalk Tables & Chairs
Village Review Area Sidewalk/A-Frame Signs

Title Blocks

Approval Block - Drawing Zip Files
Approval Blocks PDF
Planning Division Landscape Title Sheet
Planning Division Title Block Landscape Improvement