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Phase II - Local Coastal Program Update

This phase consists of a comprehensive update to the city’s Local Coastal ProgramThe Local Coastal Program ensures that development within the city’s coastal zone protects and enhances coastal resources and is consistent with the California Coastal Act

The objectives of the Local Coastal Program update include:

  • Incorporate the sea level rise adaptation strategies and measures identified in Phase 1 – Sea Level Rise Analysis
  • Ensure the document is consistent with the California Coastal Act, the Carlsbad Community Vision and the city’s updated General Plan
  • Format the document to ensure it is user-friendly and easy to administer; and is a modern, graphic-enriched document
  • Obtain certification  for  areas  of  deferred  certification,  resulting in a  transfer of  permit authority to the city
  • Develop new detailed, parcel-level map exhibits that clearly delineate the boundaries of the Coastal Zone, Coastal Commission’s permit jurisdiction and Coastal Commission’s  appeal area
  • Develop policies that address low-cost visitor accommodations, as required by the Coastal Commission

Status of Local Coastal Program Update

The city is in the initial phase of preparing the update. Updates on the project will be posted to the city’s website.