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Phase III - Zoning Ordinance Update

This phase consists of a comprehensive update to the city’s Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Ordinance provides regulations and standards that apply to land use and development throughout the city and is one of the primary tools the city utilizes to implement the city’s General Plan. As such, it is important that the Zoning Ordinance is consistent with the General Plan.

The objectives of the Zoning Ordinance update include:

  • Incorporate the sea level rise adaptation strategies and measures identified in Phase 1 – Sea Level Rise Analysis
  • Ensure the Zoning Ordinance is consistent with and implements the city’s updated General Plan, Local Coastal Program and Climate Action Plan
  • Create a modern, graphic-enriched and user-friendly Zoning Ordinance
  • Update specified zoning standards and regulations, as needed to achieve other objectives (rather than a complete overhaul of the entire code)
  • Create two Zoning Ordinances – one applicable outside the Coastal Zone and one applicable inside the Coastal Zone. The two Zoning Ordinances will be the same, with the exception of regulations that are unique to the Coastal Zone.

Status of Zoning Ordinance Update

The city is in the initial phase of preparing the update. Updates on the project will be posted to the city’s website.