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NOTE: The City of Carlsbad adopted a Climate Action Plan in 2015 that consists of several recently adopted ordinances to help us reach the required reduction in greenhouse gases here in Carlsbad. These ordinances began to go into effect on April 11, 2019. This means any planning application submitted after April 11, 2019, and any application currently in process that will apply for building permits after April 11, 2019, will be reviewed according to these new requirements. A new CAP checklist will be available beginning April 11 for applicants to fill out and submit with planning and building applications. To help you determine what requirements apply to your project you can find the new CAP ordinances here.  

The Planning Division is the first division to contact if you are thinking of starting a new business, adding on to your home, or if you have any questions regarding the use or zoning of your property. The Planning Division also guides the physical development of the city in a manner that preserves the quality of life for its residents, by ensuring that all new planning programs and development projects comply with the General Plan, Local Coastal Program, Zoning, and the performance standards of the Growth Management Plan.

Advice and technical support is provided to the City Council and Planning Commission regarding the compliance of all development proposals with the city's zoning, subdivision and environmental ordinances.

In addition, the Planning Division does analysis and prepares reports dealing with long-range planning matters, such as demographic projections, open space protection and General Plan updates.