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Public Input

Community input has played an important role in shaping the Village and Barrio Master Plan.

September 2014: Project team in the Village and Barrio to collect input from community over two-week period. Charrette Summary Report and Charrette Summary Video; input also collected online.

November 2015: Release of first draft of the Village and Barrio Master Plan

December 2015: Open house and community meetings; input also collected online  

April 2016: Release of revised draft and presentation of the draft at the April 13 Planning Commission meeting; public comments received

July 13, 2016: Special Planning Commission meeting to receive community input on the plan: watch the meeting and view the presentation  

Oct. 19, 2016: Planning Commission meeting to recap public input provided and confirm plan revisions to make or study: read the staff reportwatch the meeting and view the presentation

Feedback to date

At the Oct. 19 Planning Commission meeting, the Commission confirmed the items city staff will revise or study for potential revision as it prepares the third  draft of the Village and Barrio Master Plan, including: 

  • Making the overall tone, content and graphics more Carlsbad-specific and in line with the community’s character.
  • Eliminating the proposed building height increase to 55 feet and evaluating building story and height limits overall in the plan area.
  • Revising design guidelines so they are easier to understand and have more “teeth” so city staff, the Planning Commission and City Council can more easily ensure proposed projects are consistent with the community’s character.
  • Drafting an implementation plan for public improvements that identifies, in general terms, time frames, feasibility and constraints, potential costs and funding sources.

View the approved Planning Commission resolution for the list of confirmed changes city staff will make or consider for revision. 

The next draft of the master plan will be available in January 2018.