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Next Steps

At its July 10, 2018, meeting, the City Council held a public hearing and approved the Village and Barrio Master Plan. Now that City Council has approved the plan, city staff will proceed with plan implementation as follows: 

  • For portions of the Barrio and Village in the Coastal Zone, the master plan will require approval by the California Coastal Commission before it is effective in the Coastal Zone. The Coastal Commission’s review would occur after and separate from the city review process and will take approximately 6-12 months to complete.
  • For portions of the master plan not in the Coastal Zone, Coastal Commission approval is not required, and plan provisions took effect on August 24.
  • The Village and Barrio Master Plan replaces the Carlsbad Village Master Plan and Design Manual, which was approved in 1995 and has been revised periodically since, most recently in 2017. In the Barrio, the new master plan also replaces General Plan land use designations, zoning designations, and zoning standards.

See project maps for details on the Coastal Zone boundary, land use districts and other information, and master plan boundary comparisons. See also the parcel by parcel land use information and maps for information on the land use changes. 


The master plan focuses on enhancing neighborhood character, public spaces, and ways to get around the Village and Barrio, based on ideas gathered from the community starting in September 2014. Hundreds of community members participated in hands-on design sessions, an online forum, technical sessions and public meetings. 

The city released the first draft of the Village and Barrio Master Plan in November 2015. The plan was then revised based on input, and a second draft was released in April 2016. Additional community input received in July and October 2016 has helped to guide the latest, third draft which was released for comment in early January 2018. City staff received approximately 170 comments on the draft plan since its January 2018 release. 

Along with establishing a vision, the proposed plan refines, rather than significantly changes, the current development standards under which development in the Village and Barrio is presently occurring.