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About the Plan

A master plan guides land use and development in a way uniquely suited for a particular area, in this case the Village and Barrio neighborhoods. Including the Barrio in the master plan can improve the relationship between the two neighborhoods and recognize what makes the Barrio unique. Together both neighborhoods are designated a “smart growth opportunity area." A master plan can help capitalize on proximity to transit and other attributes that gave the Village and Barrio this designation.

The proposed Village and Barrio Master Plan, as presented in the third draft, recognizes the qualities and potential of the Village and the Barrio. The proposed plan establishes a vision for the area that includes the following statements:

Carlsbad's Village and Barrio are vibrant, safe and healthy neighborhoods that:

  • Serve as the historic heart of the city, honoring Carlsbad's past and creating a strong sense of community.
  • Are connected in place and spirit, yet retain their unique personalities.
  • Embody the principals of smart growth, with a mix of commercial and residential land uses, a variety of housing choices, walkable neighborhoods and multiple transportation choices.
  • Attract high quality, sustainable development that enhances vitality and local character.

See the first chapter of the proposed master plan for the complete text of the vision. The plan also contains goals, policies, standards and guidelines to carry the vision forward.


In 2018, hearings to consider plan adoption before the Planning Commission and City Council will be scheduled. See the project schedule for more information.

If the City Council approves the master plan, plan implementation will proceed as follows:

  • For portions of the Barrio and Village in the Coastal Zone, the master plan will require approval by the California Coastal Commission before it is effective in the Coastal Zone. The Coastal Commission’s review would occur after and separate from the city review process and will take approximately 6-12 months to complete.
  • For portions of the master plan not in the Coastal Zone, Coastal Commission approval is not required, and plan provisions will take effect following their approval by the City Council.