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Homeless Outreach Team

In 2017, the City of Carlsbad developed a Homeless Response Plan. With the plan came the implementation of the Police Department's Homeless Outreach Team.  The mission of the HOT team is to:

  • Build trust within the homeless community.
  • Build relationships within the homeless community through compassionate enforcement.
  • Connect members of the homeless community with community partners to create long-term solutions.
  • Housing
  • Resources
  • Employment 

Responsibilities of the HOT Team

  • Outreach
  • Community partnerships
  • Encampment response and cleanup

If you have questions, know of an encampment in the community or you have an issue you would like to report, please let the team know.

If you are reporting a crime or suspicious activity in progress, please call

  • Police emergency - 911
  • Police non-emergency - 760-931-2197