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City Initiatives

The City of Carlsbad is doing its part to ensure we are a sustainable city. Our approach is described in our sustainability guiding principles and environmental guiding principles.  Sustainability is also one of nine core values that make up the Carlsbad Community Vision. Read more about this in the sustainability working paper.

Climate Action Plan

In 2015, the City of Carlsbad adopted a Climate Action Plan, a comprehensive and measurable program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Roadmap

The city is working with the San Diego Association of Governments and the California Center for Sustainable Energy in the preparation of an Energy Roadmap. The free program, offered by SANDAG and sponsored by SDG&E, provides local jurisdictions with evaluations of their facility and fleet energy consumption and possible conservation measures.

Street Light Replacement

In 2010 and 2011, the city replaced the high-pressure sodium street lights with energy-saving, high efficiency induction lamps. The new lamps use 60 percent less energy and save city taxpayers as estimated $300,000 a year in energy and maintenance costs.

Maerkle Hydroelectric Project

The city installed a pressure reduction device to capture energy from a major water supply pipeline at its Maerkle reservoir. This project generates power that helps offset the city's energy needs.

Other City Programs

  • Reducing car emissions through a no idling policy in the Police Department.
  • Using hybrid vehicles for 15 percent of the city’s fleet.
  • Supporting the development of building standards that enable the community to design energy saving features such as solar energy systems into both public and private buildings.
  • Installing photovoltaic solar panels at Alga Norte Community Park and the Safety Training Center.