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Environmental Guiding Principles

  • Ethic of conservation
    Carlsbad supports the ethic of conservation of non-renewable resources. This includes efforts to reduce the use of energy (in any form), greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (consistent with AB 32) and to find new and more energy efficient methods for delivering services. The city supports the development of building standards that enable the community to design energy saving features such as solar energy systems and water efficient landscaping into both public and private buildings.
  • Clean air and water
    The city supports the development and protection from pollution of Carlsbad’s air quality, creeks, lagoons, ocean and other natural water bodies. Carlsbad supports programs that will ensure that all water bodies within the city are safe and clean, and where possible, open to the public at all times. Furthermore, the city supports activities that result in clean air for those who live, work and play in Carlsbad.
  • Diverse and drought resistant water supply
    Carlsbad’s future depends on being able to provide a sustainable supply of water to the community. Carlsbad supports the creation of a diverse water supply, including desalination, recycled and reclaimed sources, water conservation programs and drought tolerant landscaping.
  • Protection, preservation and restoration of the natural and human-made environment
    Carlsbad is committed to protecting, preserving and restoring its natural and human-made environment. The city recognizes the importance of intact ecosystems as part of a healthy environment and will continue to protect open space and enhance habitats and biodiversity. The city also supports the creation and maintenance of open spaces that are accessible to the public for both active and passive uses.
  • Waste reduction and recycling
    Carlsbad supports programs that manage the overall waste stream of the city and that maximize the amount of waste that is recycled by its residents, citizens and businesses. The city promotes the ability to quickly and conveniently dispose of hazardous waste.
  • Efficient transportation and low emission fuel sources
    The city believes that effective traffic management is an important element affecting the quality of life within Carlsbad. The city supports programs that optimize the flow of traffic, the use of low-emission alternative fuel vehicles, and the increased availability and use of mass and other non-automotive modes of transportation. The city encourages participation in research programs designed to test and improve alternate fuel vehicles.
  • Sound procurement decisions
    The procurement of products and services by the city, its residents businesses and institutions result in environmental, social and economic impacts both in this region and the country. Where possible, Carlsbad’s procurement systems should support the use of recycled materials, products with low carbon footprints (low use of carbon or GHG producing products in the manufacture, installation, maintenance or disposal of the product).