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Terramar Designs

Based on community input, the City of Carlsbad has updated designs for a project to improve safety, traffic flow and the overall coastal experience in the area around Cannon Road and Carlsbad Boulevard, known locally as the Terramar neighborhood. 

The updated designs show a final proposed design for the bluff area across from the power plant and two options for Carlsbad Boulevard around Cannon Road. One shows a traffic signal at Cannon Road and Cerezo Drive; the other shows a roundabout at these intersections.

Bluff top Area

  • Greater bluff protection by reducing the number of paths and adding a low-profile cable fence along the western edge.
  • Created paths that will make it easier to get back and forth from the bluff top to the beach while helping to protect the bluff from damage and erosion.
  • Reduced the amount of seating and gathering places from previous designs to include just a few small seating areas designed for short visits (backless benches).
  • Made the overall design more natural, with unpaved paths, minimal lighting and coastal landscaping. Eliminated shade structures and trees.
  • Added some drinking fountains, recycle/trash cans and bike racks.
  • Created a new ADA compliant beach access and parking spaces.

See more detail on new beach access.

See more detail on the natural look.









See more detail on the bluff top design.

Roundabout or Traffic Signal?

  • This topic got the most input, with each option having pluses and minuses.
  • We’ve refined the original concepts and now have two designs, one with roundabouts at Cannon and Cerezo and one with traffic signals.
  • Both designs meet the project’s goal of improving safety and traffic flow.
  • The City Council will ultimately choose the preferred design based on the community’s feedback and the technical and environmental analysis.

See more detail comparing Cannon Road at Carlsbad Boulevard with a roundabout or a traffic signal.

See more detail on Cannon Road with a roundabout at Carlsbad Boulevard.

See more detail on Canon Road with a traffic signal at Carlsbad Boulevard.

See more detail on Cerezo Drive options.

Walking and Biking

  • Space for safe walking, jogging and bicycling on both sides of Carlsbad Boulevard and Cannon Road.  
  • Wider, multi-use path on west side of Carlsbad Boulevard.
  • Added some minimal amenities, like trash cans and benches, along Carlsbad Boulevard to accommodate the many regular users.
  • Included new crosswalks on Carlsbad Boulevard and Cannon Road with flashing beacon lights for improved safety.

See more detail on Carlsbad Boulevard at Shore Drive.

See more detail on the improvements around Manzano Drive.


  • Created new parking spaces outside the neighborhood area at the north and south ends of Carlsbad Boulevard and along Cannon Road.

Neighborhood Character

  • Made small changes in front of homes along Carlsbad Boulevard to address residents’ concerns about access to and from their driveways.
  • Removed ideas for “gateway” signage and other formal entrance marker to the neighborhood.
  • Included street design features (called “bulb outs”) at all neighborhood intersections along Cannon Road and Carlsbad Boulevard to reduce neighborhood cut-through traffic.
  • Removed the bus stop at Cerezo Drive directly in front of a home and improved the northbound and southbound bus stops on Carlsbad Boulevard at and across from Cannon Park.


  • Removed the bus stops on Carlsbad Boulevard near Cerezo Drive and upgraded the bus stops by Cannon Park.

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