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Project Questions and Answers

What is this project?

The cities of Carlsbad and Vista have begun the Avenida Eninas Sewer Improvement Project which will upgrade a portion of their shared sewer system along Avenida Encinas in the city of Carlsbad.  Construction has begun on the installation of approximately two new miles of new sewer pipeline.  Additional improvements include replacement of the existing Agua Hedionda Sewer Lift Station, construction of a new 140-foot steel bridge across the lagoon, and installation of a new recycled water pipeline. 

What are the project boundaries?

Project construction will be performed in segments along Avenida Encinas starting at the Encina Water Pollution Control Facility south of Palomar Airport Road and ending just north of the Agua Hediona Lagoon near Chinquapin Avenue.  See project maps.

What can be expected during construction?

Construction crews will install the pipeline using an underground tunnelling method to minimize impacts to local businesses, residents and visitors.  Temporary work areas will be located along the construction route to allow crews and equipment access to the pipeline tunnel.  Planned construction hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The work is expected to take approximately two years to complete.

Why is the city doing this project?

When complete the project will improve the sewer system, increasing capacity and reliability for the approximately 36,000 homes and businesses it serves  During pipeline work, the City of Carlsbad will also install a new, 11,000-foot recycled water line to enhance the city’s overall goal of improving water conservation through the expanded use of recycled water. This line will connect with other existing pipelines and accommodate future recycled water expansion to areas such as Carlsbad Village.  See the project goals.

What does the project cost?

The cities of Vista and Carlsbad are sharing the $64.2 million project cost, with two-thirds of the project is being funded by the City of Vista, and the City of Carlsbad providing the other third. NRG Energy is also contributing $1 million to have access to a recycled water line. Carlsbad’s contribution is approximately $25 million.

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