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Road Closures

Avenida Encinas Sewer Improvement Project

Recycled Water Line Installation Underway

Installation of the new sewer pipeline is complete! Crews are currently working to install the new recycled water line.

This recycled water pipeline will run south from the 5600 block of Avenida Encinas by the MAKE building and continue southbound across Palomar Airport Road to the Carlsbad Water Recycling Facility at 6200 Avenida Encinas.

There are two phases of installation for the new recycled water pipeline on Avenida Encinas:

Phase I:

The first phase of work, which has already begun, is taking place on the section of Avenida Encinas north of Palomar Airport Road and will continue through March 2018. The Palomar Airport Road and Avenida Encinas intersection will be accessible during construction as will access to all restaurants and businesses.  

Once this phase of the recycled water pipeline installation is complete in March 2018, new pavement will be installed on Avenida Encinas from Palomar Airport Road to Cannon Road. This will mark the completion of all construction for this project on this section of Avenida Encinas, from Cannon Road to Palomar Airport Road.

Phase II:

The second phase of the recycled water pipeline installation will occur on the portion of Avenida Encinas located south of Palomar Airport Road. Construction will occur from March 2018 through May 2018.  

As we near completion on this important project, we would like to thank you once again for your continued patience and flexibility during construction. 

About the Project

The cities of Carlsbad and Vista are upgrading a portion of their shared sewer system along Avenida Encinas, and improvements along this busy road include the installation of approximately two miles of new sewer pipeline. The project will improve the sewer system, increasing capacity and reliability for the approximately 36,000 homes and businesses it serves.

Stay Informed

Website: www.carlsbadca.gov

Contact: 760-602-7550 or cmi@carlsbadca.gov

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