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Rancho La Costa Habitat Conservation Area

Preserve name: Rancho La Costa Habitat Conservation Area (Villages of La Costa/Cassia Professional Offices)

Preserve manager: Center for Natural Lands Management

Informational websites: CNLM - Rancho La Costa

Preserve management plan: PMP 2005-2010

Major threats (top 3): Human abuse/trespassing, nonnative plant species/habitat degradation, altered fire regime

Current/ongoing management activities: Orcutt's hazardia population enhancement, thread-leaved brodiaea research, gnatcatcher population abundance studies, sensitive species surveys and management, ant surveys, SD horned lizard monitoring and management, trail maintenance, public outreach, patrolling/enforcement, habitat restoration and nonnative plant removal

Adaptive management - Conceptual models, trials, and lessons learned: There is a high abundance of gnatcatchers and rufous-crowned sparrows, but in general, the preserve supports a vast array of plant and wildlife species and also provides a critical corridor between the city and eastern San Diego County.

Contact Information

Markus Spiegelberg (CNLM)