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Carlsbad Village











Carlsbad Village is the historic downtown of Carlsbad, CA, located within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean. The Village is filled with a diverse mix of shopping, dining and professional services that serve our residents, businesses and visitors. The Village provides a small town Southern California beach feel while being a hub for culinary innovation and a center of community activity. Home to a weekly farmers’ market and summer events like Flicks at the Fountain, the Village is also where you can support the hundreds of small businesses operating every day to make your coastal experience memorable. 

The Carlsbad City Council has had a strategic goal to revitalize the Village for a number of years. Investment in streetscape infrastructure like new benches and trashcans, as well as light posts with hanging flower beds have resulted in creating an enhanced sense of place so you know when you’ve come into the Village. 

The city continues to build on its investment with the Village & Barrio Master Plan, a new document that sets the vision and standards to help revitalize the area from both a public and private perspective. This plan is a special set of regulatory standards that are more geared to the walkable, transit-oriented urban core unique to the Village. The vision of the plan is to maintain and enhance Carlsbad Village and the adjacent Barrio as vibrant, safe and healthy neighborhoods that: 

  • Serve as the historic heart of the city 
  • Are connected in place and spirit while retaining their unique personalities
  • Embody the principles of smart growth
  • Attract high quality, sustainable development 

For information and guidance on developing in the Village, these documents will be helpful: