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Official Documents

The city is making documents related to the Agua Hedionda South Shore Specific Plan available for review at City Hall in the City Clerk's Office (1200 Carlsbad Village Drive) and at the Faraday Administration Center (1635 Faraday Ave.) during regular business hours. You may also view and download them from the links below.

Measure A

City of Carlsbad's Impartial Analysis

Environmental Analysis

Title Page, Executive Summary and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Environmental Setting
Chapter 3 - Specific Plan Description
Chapter 4 - Environmental Impact Analysis
Chapter 5 - Cumulative Effects
Chapter 6 - Reference
Chapter 7 - List of Preparers


Appendix A - LFMP Compliance Analysis
Appendix B - Agriculture Viability Analysis
Appendix C - Air Quality
Appendix D - Biological Technical Report
Appendix E - Cultural Resources Report
Appendix F - Paleontological Resources Report
Appendix G - Noise Technical Report
Appendix H - GHG Technical Report
Appendix I - Stormwater Analysis
Appendix J - Water Quality Report
Appendix K - Geotechnical Due Diligence
Appendix L - Water Supply and Service
Appendix M - Sewer Capacity and Service
Appendix N - Traffic
Appendix O - Phase I and II Reports - Parcel 8
Appendix O - Phase I and II Reports - Parcel 10
Appendix P - General Plan
Appendix Q - Coastal Act Consistency Analysis
Appendix R - Economic Impact Analysis

City Council Documents

Legal opinion regarding conflicts of interest and impartiality
May 19, 2015, City Council Presentation and staff report authorizing the preparation of a "9212 Report"
Aug. 18, 2015, staff report on certification of initiative signatures
Aug. 25, 2015, City Council Presentation on 9212 Report
Nov. 17, 2015, staff report on referendum and election options
Nov. 17, 2015, City Council resolution ordering a special election
Nov. 17, 2015, City Council resolution authorizing filing of an argument in support of the ordinance
Nov. 17, 2015, City Council resolution directing city attorney to prepare an impartial analysis of the ordinance


Ballot title and summary appearing on the original initiative petition
Letter from Registrar of Voters verifying signatures for initiative
Letter from Registrar of Voters verifying signatures for referendum

Affidavits of Publication

San Diego Union-Tribune 05-28-2015
U-T San Diego (metro) and U-T North Co. 05-28-2015
The Coast News 05-29-2015
Postings - Maureen Simons 05-28-2015


If you would like a copy of the ordinance or measure, please call the elections official's office at 760-434-2808, and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you. Copies may be requested in the following formats:

  • 32 GB flash drive
  • DVD
  • Paper