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What Is Allowed on the Property

In 2006, Carlsbad voters passed Proposition D, an initiative that preserved 155.10 acres of the eastern portion of the property along Cannon Road as permanent open space. The 48.3 acres of land along I-5 north of Cannon Road was not included in Prop D. This land has been designated for visitor-serving commercial use for more than 30 years.

The Agua Hedionda Specific Plan changes 21.6 of the 48.3 acres currently designated for visitor-serving commercial use to permanent open space. All 176.7 acres of open space would be accessible to the public through trails, picnic and scenic view areas, agriculture, farm to table dining and an outdoor classroom and amphitheater. The plan makes provisions to permanently protect and maintain the 176.7 acres for open space, agriculture and habitat.

Prop D Boundaries and Land Use

Current Land Use

Land Use Under Measure A

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