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At a Glance 

  • Watch a video about how Measure A would affect agriculture. 
  • Proposition D, passed by Carlsbad voters in 2006, “allows and encourages” farming to continue in the area for as long as economically viable for the landowner. Prop D does not guarantee that this land will be used for agriculture in the future.
  • The Carlsbad Strawberry Company has in the past farmed as much as 100 acres. Over the last 10 years this number has gone down to about 30 acres due to water costs, foreign competition, pesticide laws and labor shortages.
  • Measure A would designate 61.5 acres as agricultural land.
  • Measure A would also require that this land be managed, operated and maintained for coastal agriculture “in perpetuity,” a legal term meaning forever.
  • Money from the visitor-serving commercial uses, private funding, or both would be used to support the agricultural operations in perpetuity, at no cost to taxpayers. 

Areas Set Aside for Permanent Agriculture (3 & 4)



1. Habitat Management Plan Open Space

Existing conservation area in the city’s Habitat Management Plan. This area is also subject to a California Coastal Commission open space deed restriction, and no development shall occur on delineated wetland, riparian, upland native habitat areas and steep slopes within this area.

2. Passive Open Space

Areas with existing or potential for biological resources. Intended to accommodate permanent natural open space, natural drainage and stream courses, habitat restoration or enhancement, trails, buffers, vista points, picnic areas, limited surface parking for public access and passive recreation uses only, ingress/egress roads with limited lighting, and low-impact recreation uses.

3. Exclusive Agricultural Open Space

Areas that have existing or potential for agriculture resources. Intended to accommodate agricultural production, sales, limited surface parking for agriculture uses and equipment, ingress/egress roads with limited lighting for the benefit of the Specific Plan area. Additionally, classroom/education and interpretive programming related to the area’s cultural and natural resources, trails, vista points, and picnic areas are allowed, provided they do not interfere with the agricultural uses.

4. Agricultural Support Open Space

Intended to accommodate the continuation of coastal agriculture and strawberry farming in an open space setting. Allows for an agricultural farm stand and associated produce sales, farmers market, farm-to-table dining, “you-pick” opportunities and other accessory uses supporting the continuation of coastal agriculture and strawberry farming and its connection to the visitor-serving commercial and exclusive agriculture open space designations.

5. Visitor-Serving Commercial

Allows for up to 585,000 square feet of new visitor-serving commercial uses, including shopping, dining, entertainment and recreation uses to accommodate the outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment promenade, and provides a cohesive integration with the adjacent open space and agriculture designations.

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