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Growth Management Program

Carlsbad’s Growth Management Program has guided growth and development since 1986 when it was approved by voters. It ensures Carlsbad maintains an excellent quality of life with enough parks, libraries, roads, open space and important city infrastructure and services as the city grows.

As part of the 9212 Report, the Aqua Hedionda South Shore Specific Plan was analyzed against each of the 11 performance standards of the city’s Growth Management Plan. The analysis found the Aqua Hedionda Plan complied with or exceeded 10 of the 11 performance standards.

  • Since 1995, when the “Zone 13 Local Facilities Management Plan” was adopted, the city has planned for, sized and established financing plans for Growth Management Program facilities on site of the Agua Hedionda South Shore Specific Plan.
  • The plan site has been planned or designated for 48 acres of visitor-serving commercial since at least 1982 (with Agua Hedionda Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan adoption) and 155 acres of open space since 2006 with voter approval of Prop D.
  • The Zone 13 Local Facilities Management Plan designated and planned for 463,600 square feet of visitor-serving commercial use on the 48-acre plan site and sized 11 Growth Management Program facilities based on that square footage projection.
  • The plan calls for up to 585,000 square feet of visitor-serving commercial uses on the 48 acre plan site, an increase of 122,000 square feet over what was analyzed in the 1995 Zone 13 Local Facilities Master Plan adoption.

Staff Analysis

  • The plan complies with, exceeds or will not impact 10 out of 11 Growth Management Program facility performance standard areas.
    • Circulation Facilities: Does not meet standard, but will result in better traffic circulation than if no project were built (see Traffic Issues Summary for details).
    • Open Space: Exceeds Open Space performance standard by between 143.1 and 159 acres (see Open Space Issues Summary for details).
    • City Administration: No impact, plan does not add population.
    • Libraries: No impact, plan does not add population.
    • Wastewater Treatment Capacity: Meets the Growth Management Program standard that the sewer plant have adequate capacity for at least a five year period, with a projected excess of .26 million gallons per day of sewer capacity at build out. The increase of 9,900 gallons per day of sewer flow that is anticipated from the plan can be accommodated under the existing capacity rights held by the city.
    • Park Facilities: No impact, plan does not add population, but plan will pay a Zone 13 park fee of $0.40 per square foot of non-residential development.
    • Drainage Facilities: No impact, "drainage facilities must be provided as required concurrent with development." All Zone 13 plan required regional drainage facilities have already been constructed, and the plan will construct all drainage facilities necessary to serve the plan area.
    • Fire: No impact, Growth Management Program standard is dwelling unit based, however, plan area is within five minute response time standard of Fire Station #4, Station #3, as relocated, and Station #1.
    • Schools: No impact, plan proposes no dwelling units, thus no school enrollment increase.
    • Sewer Collection System: Adequate capacity, with Sewer System Analysis prepared for plan identifying adequate downstream capacity in South Agua Hedionda Interceptor to accommodate increase (increase represents less than 0.5% of the average flow capacity of the SAH Interceptor).
    • Water Distribution Systems: Adequate capacity. Standard is "line capacity to meet demand as determined by water district, and a minimum of 10-day average storage capacity must be provided." Carlsbad Municipal Water District is water provider to plan area. Plan proposed results in a 9,802 gpd or 11 acre feet per year increase over water demand for existing agricultural fields. Water Systems Analysis prepared for plan determined that adequate water facilities exist in Cannon Road to accommodate additional demand of plan, and plan will continue to be in compliance with water distribution Growth Management Program standard; Growth Management Program storage standard will not be impacted and will continue to be met.

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