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Connected Carlsbad

The City of Carlsbad is committed to strategically invest in improving connectivity for its residents, businesses and visitors. As a connected city, Carlsbad is using information and communication technologies to increase efficiency, communication, transparency and the overall quality of government service.

Carlsbad recognizes that the ever-increasing connectivity and integration of technologies demands a more unified approach, guided by a common understanding of needs and priorities.

Connected Carlsbad: An Inclusive City Innovation Roadmap is designed to provide a high-level, organized guide to the principles that matter to the city and the public in creating a more connected community.

Connected Carlsbad was originally introduced in April 2019, and since then, internal and external input has shaped the roadmap’s goal into five primary areas:

  • Pursue Communitywide Digital Transformation
  • Build Capacity for Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Foster a Vibrant Civic Engagement Culture
  • Enhance Accessibility and Transparency
  • Promote Security and Sustainability through Connectivity

Within these areas, the city has a history of using technology and data to create a connected community, improve decision-making and the lives of residents. Given what has been accomplished to date and the Connected Carlsbad initiatives that are in progress or planned for the future,  examples of Carlsbad’s online services include:  

Meetings and agendas

Apply for jobs

Public records search

Camps, classes and events

Municipal code and policies


Business licenses

Sign up for email notifications

Pay water bill


Bids and contracts

Report service needs











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