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Elected Officials

June 4, 2020 - Based on recent events the Carlsbad City Council stands with our black community in denouncing racism and all forms of discrimination. Read the full City Council statement here.

The City of Carlsbad is a municipal corporation following the council-manager form of government. The City Council, the city’s legislative body, defines the policy direction of the city. The city manager oversees the day to day operations of the city. In 2008, Carlsbad became a charter city, which provides the city with greater authority over local issues.

The City Council consists of an elected mayor and four elected council members. Each serves a four-year term. The city is in the process of transitioning to a system where City Council members are elected by district instead of at large or citywide.

The City of Carlsbad also has an elected City Clerk and City Treasurer. To find other elected officials that serve Carlsbad, please visit the County Registrar's website.

Council Goals

The City Councils sets goals that become the policy direction for city staff, who create work plans and budgets to implement this direction.