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Ring in the New Year Safely

Here are some suggestion to help get the new year off to a great start.

  • Planning a party? If the plan is to serve alcohol, also plan to get guests home safely. Collect car keys at the door and have special, non-alcoholic, drinks for designated drivers. Or, plan ahead to get guests home with taxis or ride share services.

  • Remember the City of Carlsbad has a Social Host Ordinance that prohibits the serving of alcohol to minors, even at home.

  • Think about neighbors. Let neighbors know about the party and either invite the neighbor or ask how to ensure the late night festivities do not create a disturbance the neighborhood.

  • Remember, no fireworks. Personal use of fireworks is against the law.

  • Create a plan for guest parking. Make sure guests park safely and legally. Remind guests not to leave personal property behind and unattended inside a car. If a they cannot carry the property with them, tell them to leave it at home. More on vehicle crime prevention https://goo.gl/S3T35n.

  • Headed out for an evening of merriment? Remember to completely secure your house before heading out. Also, leave lights on inside-and-out to make it appear someone is at home. More on home security https://goo.gl/WpIRJB.

  • Plan ahead to safely return home from a New Year’s destination. Never drink and drive. Have a designated driver or use a taxi or ride share service.

  • With all the merriment and celebration there can also be conflict. Steer clear of disputes. Don’t engage, walk away and if the conflict escalates, call us.

These are just a few of the many ways a community member can plan ahead to make sure the New Year is rung in safely. The Police Department will be out-and-about all over the city to make sure Carlsbad is safe and secure. Report suspicious activity by calling the non emergency number at 760-931-2197.  Great policing takes teamwork. Thank you Carlsbad for being part of the team. 

Police media contact
Jodee Sasway, Community Relations Manager, 760-931-2105 or jodee.sasway@carlsbadca.gov

December 30, 2018