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Mountain Lion Safety

Yesterday morning, a runner on the Kelly Trail, located northeast of Agua Hedionda Lagoon, reported to the Carlsbad Police Department what they thought to be a mountain lion on the trail. The animal did not threaten the runner. Mountain lion attacks on people are rare. As a precaution, however, a police officer visited the trail to check for the animal but did not find anything. A police officer also visited Kelly School to talk to officials about the sighting, and the Police Department contacted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for guidance. The Department of Fish and Wildlife asked the city to alert residents of the potential mountain lion sighting and asked residents to call if there are additional sightings.  

What to do if you encounter a mountain lion:

Under the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s public safety wildlife guidelines, an animal is deemed to be a public safety threat if there is a “likelihood of human injury based on the totality of the circumstances,” such as the lion's behavior and its proximity to schools, playgrounds and other public gathering places. The determination of whether an animal is a public safety threat is made by the Department of Fish and Wildlife or local law enforcement personnel.  

Additional facts about mountain lions:


April 21, 2017