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News Updates

Buena Vista Reservoir Site Project Update

The site of the former Buena Vista Reservoir will be turned into a small park as part of a set of agreements approved by the Carlsbad City Council in March 2017. The property was previously considered to be sold for the construction of up to 14 new homes. 

The agreements, which stemmed from a lawsuit against the city over its updated General Plan and Climate Action Plan, will also ensure the completion of the missing link of Poinsettia Lane, the creation of new trails and the addition of protected habitat in Carlsbad. 

The new park will be around three acres and will include the following amenities: the existing water tank, children's play area, loop trail around park, picnic areas with shade, enhanced landscaping, benches throughout the park and 11 new parallel parking spaces.

The Latest

The City of Carlsbad, in partnership with Lennar Homes, submitted an application for a Conditional Use Permit for the project on Dec. 13, 2018. The application is being reviewed by city staff and a notice of the project application will be mailed to property owners and stakeholders that live within 600 feet from the park.

The project application came following presentations by city staff to the Parks & Recreation Commission and the Carlsbad City Council at their meetings on Monday, Oct. 15 and Tuesday, Oct. 30 respectively. The updates provided the commission and the City Council with a summary of the related agreements, the feedback gathered during the public involvement process, an overview of how the feedback was incorporated into the final conceptual design and a review of the next steps for the proposed project. 

Agendas and staff reports for the Parks & Recreation Commission and the City Council meetings are available on the city's website

Park Planning and Design

The city asked for input on the vision for the new park and three draft conceptual park designs through a neighborhood workshop and an online survey in June 2018. The design was revised based on the input received.  A second public meeting was held in September 2018 to share the revised designs and the public provided comments to city staff via email. The latest designs and drawings are available on the project's web page.  

Next Steps

  • Prepare construction documents: Once the CUP is approved, the team will prepare construction documents and seek bids on the project in spring 2019. 
  • Begin construction: After the project team selects a contractor to build the project, construction will begin in early 2020. 
  • Open park: The park is anticipated to open to the public in early 2021. 

Timeline & Budget 

Planning for the park began in Spring 2018. The park is anticipated to be substantially complete within 30 months of Lennar getting the grading permits (start of construction) for its Poinsettia 61 project, which occurred July 25, 2018. The park budget is $3 million and will be paid for by Lennar. 

How To Get Involved

  • Visit the project web page or contact Kyle Lancaster at 760-434-2941 or kyle.lancaster@carlsbadca.gov..
  • Sign up to receive updates on the project through email by visiting the city's website at www.carlsbadca.gov, clicking the "Email updates" button and selecting the "Parks & Recreation: Buena Vista Park" list. 
  • Sign up to receive updates on the project via text message by texting the key word "BUENAVISTA" TO 797979. 

December 22, 2018