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News Updates

Program Offers Alternative Housing

The City of Carlsbad is launching the HomeShare program on Jan. 4, 2019 to offer alternative housing solutions to Carlsbad residents. ElderHelp’s HomeShare program is a matching service that coordinates shared housing opportunities through carefully monitored agreements. The City of Carlsbad is launching this pilot program in partnership with ElderHelp, a nonprofit organization with over 25 years of success in operating a shared housing program. The program focuses on maximizing the use of existing housing stock by matching seniors who want to remain in their own homes with screened and qualified adults of all ages in need of housing. This free service has no age restrictions and is open to low-income residents. 

The HomeShare program provides independence, security, companionship, and extra income through rent to older adults in Carlsbad who rent or own their own home. Mediation and ongoing support is provided to all program participants.

For information about the program and learn about the application process, visit the program’s website

At a Glance

  • HomeShare is a shared housing program that focuses on matching seniors who want to remain in their own homes with adults of all ages who are in need of affordable housing.

  • The program is open to current Carlsbad residents.

  • The HomeShare program is possible thanks to a partnership between the City of Carlsbad and ElderHelp.

  • Interested residents must undergo a thorough screening process that includes in-home interviews and background checks to qualify.

The program launches on Jan. 4, 2019. 

More information

For more information contact Housing & Neighborhood Services, 760-434-2810.



December 31, 2018