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Connected Carlsbad Roadmap Kicks Off

The Carlsbad City Council received an update on April 23 about staff’s efforts to develop Connected Carlsbad: An Inclusive Smart Community Roadmap. The roadmap is designed to provide a high-level, organized guide to the work the city will do in using data and technology to improve service and community engagement.

The Connected Carlsbad strategic roadmap is organized into five primary goal areas: 

• Modernize and strengthen IT infrastructure

• Build capacity for data-driven decision making

• Foster a vibrant civic engagement culture

• Enhance accessibility and transparency

• Promote safety and sustainability through connectivity 

An action plan will include details on how the roadmap goals will be implemented. It is intended to be a living document that provides relevant information regarding status, schedule and cost. 

“It’s important to be strategic about how we use data and technology to improve the lives of our residents,” said David Graham, chief innovation officer who developed the roadmap.

The city has a track record of using data and technology to improve service and the lives of residents. One example is the new traffic signal network, which is wirelessly connected and controlled from a central traffic management center. This enables city traffic engineers to adjust the timing of red and green lights to optimize traffic flow in the city based on real-time data. This system is the largest of its kind in the region.

Carlsbad Municipal Water District recently completed the final stage of an advanced meter infrastructure project that replaced traditional water meters with “smart meters” that enable the collection of water usage information to be automated and transmitted wirelessly. The technology can also provide an early warning of potential water leaks at homes and businesses. Carlsbad is the first water district in the region to fully deploy this technology, which has resulted in a savings of nearly 16 million gallons of water and approximately $233,000 between July 2018 and January 2019.

Next steps for Connected Carlsbad will include a public input process to solicit community feedback and ideas regarding the roadmap and action plan. Based on that information, the final Connected Carlsbad roadmap and associated action plan will be presented to City Council for consideration later this year. 

Read the staff report and plan 

Connected Carlsbad 

More Information
David Graham,chief innovation officer, david.graham@carlsbadca.gov


April 23, 2019