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Village and Barrio Master Plan Update

The City Council held a public hearing on Tuesday night and voted to accept the 23 modifications suggested by the California Coastal Commission to the Village and Barrio Master Plan and Local Coastal Program. The City Council also asked staff to come back with a work plan and resourcing strategy for how they can consider making potential changes to address future issues including: 

  • Decision making authority for the plan
  • Permitted uses for development that fosters a live, work, play community (i.e. post offices, grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, farmers markets)
  • Parking in lieu fees and public/private partnerships for specific parking structures
  • Traffic impact analysis and mitigation fees in the plan area
  • Architectural and historical building design standards
  • Housing in lieu payment alternatives and a Village and Barrio specific inclusionary housing policy 

The City Council requested staff also gather community input on these issues and others related to the plan. These changes, if approved by the City Council, would go through the same approval process as the original plan. In the meantime, the approved plan would remain in effect. 

Next Steps

The California Coastal Commission will need to confirm the city’s acceptance of the changes to the plan in a subsequent meeting. With this confirmation, the master plan would likely take effect in the Coastal Zone portions of the Village and Barrio by late 2019. 

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August 22, 2019