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Trails Master Plan Approved

A new trails plan was adopted by the City Council Tuesday, laying out a long term approach for maximizing the city’s extensive network of walking, jogging and biking paths throughout Carlsbad. The document, which includes maps showing future trails, is available on the city’s website. 

Under the new plan, approximately 67 miles of current citywide trails would be expanded to more than 100 over time. Most city trails in open space areas are soft surfaced, but there are mobility trails, typically located in urban areas that are paved, such as the Coastal Rail Trail between Tamarack and Oak Avenues and the Sea Wall walkway along Carlsbad Boulevard. The plan identifies 26 miles of future open space trails and 15 miles of future mobility trails. 

When considering trail locations, the city focuses on areas that will help connect one trail to another or connect neighborhoods to services and each other. In addition to promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle and appreciation of nature, the city trails are meant to provide alternative ways to get around Carlsbad on foot and by bike. 

Along with the plan, City Council adopted associated environmental documents and approved an amendment to modify portions of the General Plan, the city’s blueprint for how land will be used to achieve the Carlsbad community’s vision for the future of their city. 

 The Trails Master Plan will help the city accomplish several goals:

  • Create a connected and complete trail system to help link important sites (beaches, lagoons, schools, communities, and others).
  • Design and designate trails as multi-use to be accessible for all user groups, including walkers, bicyclists, and even equestrians where that is allowed.
  • Link trails from major recreational and open space areas to residential neighborhoods, job centers, parks, schools, libraries and other similar locations.
  • Connect businesses and residential neighborhoods to the coast. 

Some public trails are on city-owned property, where others are on state, federal or on private land.  City Council encouraged staff to ensure adequate notification/consultation occurs with owners of properties on which future trails are proposed. 

City Council requested staff explore the costs for posting nighttime closures of trails within sensitive preserve areas, and the Police Department’s staffing impacts for the associated nighttime enforcement of closing such trails. 

City staff is scheduled to provide an update on the Hub Park Lease, and the future South Shore Agua Hedionda Lagoon Trail within the property, at the Sept. 17 City Council meeting.

Next Steps
City of Carlsbad Parks & Recreation Department staff will begin implementing the Trails Master Plan and will utilize it to manage the citywide trails system and ensure its future availability and sustainability. 

For more information
Kasia Trojanowska, park planning manager, kasia.trojanowska@carlsbadca.gov or 760-434-2838

Trails Master Plan webpage

Media contact 
Sarah Lemons, community relations manager, sarah.lemons@carlsbadca.gov or 760-434-2960

August 28, 2019